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The National Road Heritage Trail (NRHT):
Cross-Indiana Multi-use Trail Project

NRHT, Inc. was launched in June 2004 to support the cross-Indiana multi-use trail project, envisioned to stretch 160 miles from the Illinois state line near Terre Haute to the Ohio state line near Richmond using the former Pennsylvania and Vandalia rail corridors, where possible, and closely following the Historic National Road for much of its route.

NRHT, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit volunteer group consisting of trail and National Road enthusiasts across the state whose objective is to promote and facilitate development of the trail.  The more volunteers we have, the more progress can be made.

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Mission of NRHT, Inc.

  • To promote and facilitate development of a multi-use trail for non-motorized travel closely following the Historic National Road across Indiana.

What Have Other States Done?

Who will Build, Own and Manage the Trail?

It is anticipated that local communities and individual counties will develop and maintain the trail as pieces of their transportation and linear park systems.  State agency involvement, such as INDOT or Indiana Dept of Natural Resources, will also be encouraged.  In addition, NRHT, Inc will provide 501(c)(3) services and hold property, assets, and trail liability insurance where local options are not available in order to help local organizations construct and manage sections of trail.

How will the Trail be funded?

NRHT, Inc. will work with local communities to apply for funding for trail segment construction via various federal, state, and private grant programs.  As the 501(c)(3) partner, NRHT, Inc will manage private donations and grants for local organizations where other local options are not available.

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