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Greenfield / Hancock County

In Hancock County and eastward the favored route of the NRHT is the former Pennsylvania Railroad corridor, which closely parallels the Historic National Road.  The well-established Pennsy Trail sections across Greenfield (5.5 miles) and Cumberland (3.0 miles) have demonstrated for the entire county the benefits of this type of amenity.  The not-for-profit volunteer group Pennsy Trails of Hancock County has also formed to promote and develop the other sections of the Pennsy Trail across the rest of the county, with 2.3 miles of trail now open between CR 400 W and CR 600 W.  These western sections are part of a 20-mile continuous section of NRHT west to the Indianapolis Zoo in downtown.

Hancock County open NRHT

Open Trail

A 5.5-mile paved trail exists across Greenfield.  A 3.0-mile paved trail exists across Cumberland, 2.0 miles of which are in Hancock County.  A 2.3-mile paved trail exists in the unincorporated area from CR 400 W to CR 600 W with the trailhead at CR 400 W.

Future Plans

The local 501(c)(3) volunteer not-for-profit organization Pennsy Trails of Hancock County has coordinated with the County Commissioners on the projects in the unincorporated areas and is in the process of fundraising and land acquisitions in the area between CR 400 W and Greenfield.

Features on or near the Trail

Greenfield Historic District
James Whitcomb Riley Museum
Cumberland's revitalized business district on the Historic National Road
Cumberland's 2.0-mile scenic Buck Creek Trail intersecting the Pennsy Trail