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Plainfield / Hendricks County

The National Road Heritage Trail has garnered extensive support in Hendricks County, where the Plainfield Vandalia Trail and the Amo-Coatesville Vandalia Trail have already been built with future extensions planned.  The town councils of Plainfield, Clayton, Amo, and Coatesville have endorsed a greenways connection along this corridor and Hendricks County Parks & Recreation has taken on the trail management and development outside of the town of Plainfield.  Trails awareness in Hendricks County has been helped by the B&O Trail organization publicizing the benefits of trails for many years.

Open Trail

Currently there are 4.2 miles of asphalt bike/pedestrian trail open between Amo and the Putnam County line and 4.5 miles of asphalt trail open in Plainfield. These trails use the former Pennsylvania/Vandalia Railroad corridor.

The bike/pedestrian trail from Amo is also connected to 8.1 miles of packed stone  bike/pedestrian Vandalia Trail in Putnam County to Greencastle.

Future Plans

Plainfield plans to extend its Vandalia Trail trail west along the former railbed towards Cartersburg and east along the former railbed and along the Historic National Road to Indianapolis.  The latter is expected to be completed in 2023.  In addition, Hendricks County Parks & Recreation has near term trail plans with the town of Clayton.

Features on or near the proposed Trail

White Lick Creek Trail (Plainfield)
Ronald Reagan Pkwy Trail (Plainfield)
Restored Electric Interurban Railroad stations (Amo, Plainfield)
Oasis Diner
Van Buren Elm Historical Marker (Plainfield)
Arthur L. Trester Historical Marker (Amo)
Splash Island water park (Plainfield)
Franklin Park (Plainfield)
Lambert Park (Clayton)

Plainfield's Vandalia Trail