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Henry County

In Henry County and eastward the favored route of the cross-state NRHT is the former Pennsylvania Railroad corridor, which closely parallels the Historic National Road.  The local not-for-profit Healthy Communities of Henry County has acquired about 10 miles of this corridor, mostly between Knightstown and Lewisville, and is developing it locally as the NRHT.  This process was helped by receipt of a $450,000 Transportation Enhancement grant in 2004 and a fast track construction grant from DNR in 2009.  In collaboration with DNR, Healthy Communities has developed and opened 7 miles of trail between Knightstown and Lewisville.

Henry County

Open Trail

7.8 miles of trail are now open in two sections between Knightstown and Lewisville.  Trail users can access the two open trail sections from developed parking areas.  In Raysville, just east of Knightstown, parking is available where the trail crosses West Street.  4 miles of crushed stone and natural surface trail extends east from the Big Blue River through Raysville, Ogden, and a scenic, densely forested region, ending at SR 3 in Dunreith.  In Lewisville, parking is available at Williams Street, just east of the treatment plant.  3.8 miles of crushed stone and natural surface trail extends west from Lewisville to west of CR 125 W.

Future Plans

Healthy Communities of Henry County is continuing to acquire additional corridor to complete this 10-mile section of trail from Knightstown to Lewisville. If you live in this area, please voice your support to public officials and/or to Healthy Communities of Henry County for this section and for extension east and west to the county lines.

Features on or near the Trail

Knightstown Historic District
Big Four Scenic Railroad Tour
Original National Road Section
Many historic railroad bridges

Mill Road Bridge in Raysville