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NRHT status
                      Click on map above for printable PDF version.

Updated 10/17/2023
Interactive Google Map of Open Sections of NRHT
and locations of nearby National Road Interpretive Panels

NRHT Google Map
                            Navigation Map
Click on image above to view the entire interactive map.

The map linked above can be used for real-time navigation in the Google Maps app on your mobile GPS-enabled device.  To set up the first time, use the steps below.  After that, you only need to click on the map above or open it from "Your places" in Google Maps.  This will not provide automatic turn-by-turn instructions, but will be overlaid on the background map, so your location relative to the defined route will be easily visible.

First Time Set-Up for Real Time Navigation

1) On your computer or Android device, click on the map above while signed in to your Google account.
2) If prompted "Open with", click on "Google My Maps".

3) On your mobile device (Android or iPhone/iPad), open the Google Maps app.

4) In the top left part of the screen, click on the 3 horizontal lines in the left end of the Search bar.

5) Click on "Your places".

6) Under "Your places", scroll to the right and click on MAPS.

7) Click on "NRHT - cross-Indiana".
8) All of the NRHT segments will now be visible on the navigation map.
9) When GPS is turned on, your location relative to this route will be easily visible.  (Since Googlemaps may choose a different route than these trails between any two particular points & since some trail segments are not yet in Googlemaps, automatic routing with turn-by-turn instructions will not necessarily be possible.)

Please let us know ( if you have any questions or problems with this process.

Printable Local Maps: (under construction)