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The cross-state National Road Heritage Trail initiative depends on volunteers to establish or to help with individual trail projects in each locality and to promote the overall objective.  There are many opportunities available for those interested in participating:

  • Help to promote and build a section of the NRHT in your area.
  • Positions on NRHT board of directors.
  • Additional legal and bookkeeping support.
  • Distribute information & answer questions at local events & festivals.
  • Fundraise through sponsors and foundations.
  • Collect endorsements from local & state officials & organizations.

Please contact us to join this effort or the mailing list.

Please donate:

  • via the local trails initiative in your area of interest, and/or
  • to the 501(c)3 NRHT, Inc to support promotion of the overall initiative & NRHT, Inc's activities to facilitate particular local developments.
  • Buy an NRHT, Inc. t-shirt at the links below.

Brochures, Presentations, & PR Material

  • Purchase T-Shirt  NRHT, Inc. t-shirt
    • In person:  $10 each
    • By mail (Indiana only):  E-mail to start the ordering process, including your shipping address, size(s) and quantity.  If the sizes and quantity desired are available, an invoice will be e-mailed from Paypal adding $4 for each shirt for shipping. The shirt(s) will be shipped upon receipt of payment online.
    • Sizing info     Length Width (approximate, when laid flat)
      • Medium    28"    19.5"
      • Large       31"    21.5" (out of stock)
      • X-Large    31"    22.5" (out of stock)
      • XX-Large  31"    25.0" (out of stock)

  • 8.5"x11" tri-fold brochure (PDF)

Resolution of Support for Public and Private Organizations

See a list of current supporters who have endorsed the NRHT and sponsors who have provided donations.

The National Road Heritage Trail, Inc. has authored a resolution of support which can be signed by governing boards of public and private organizations.  Download it here (PDF).  Your organization's endorsement will allow us to present stronger applications for grants from public and private sources.