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Wayne County

Plans for the NRHT across Wayne County to Ohio are in the investigative stages, but two short sections are open in Centerville and Richmond.

Wayne County map

Open Trail

Centerville has a 0.6-mile section open from its center to an eastside neighborhood and Richmond has a 0.5-mile section called the Riverside Heritage Trail along the East Fork of the Whitewater River.  A shorter section of a local loop walking trail is also open on the Huddleston House grounds, headquarters of the Indiana National Road Association.

Features on or near the Trail

Huddleston House (National Road Heritage Site)
Antique Alley (33 miles from Knightstown to Richmond)
Levi Coffin House (Fountain City)

Centerville Historic Downtown
Richmond Historic Districts
Hayes Arboretum
Wayne County Museum
Richmond Art Museum
Gaar Mansion
Indiana Football Hall of Fame
Joseph Moore Museum
Madonna of the Trail
Whitewater River Gorge
Cardinal Greenway