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Upcoming Events


NRHT, Inc. 2024 Bike Rides (Hendricks County)

April 27, Saturday, 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Come join the annual NRHT, Inc. bike ride in Hendricks County, this year focused on Plainfield's Vandalia Trail. We meet at the south end of the parking lot at Plainfield's Aquatic Center, then ride 20 miles spanning the width of Plainfield on its paved Vandalia Trail, plus short side trips on several connected trails in town. We'll also stop for lunch after the ride at one of several good restaurants near the trail, wherever the group decides. Visit the link above for more details and any updates. Note that this year we will visit the Amo-Coatesville Vandalia Trail by Hendricks County Parks during the Putnam County ride in September, described below.

Weekly Vandalia Trail Bike Rides (Amo & Plainfield)

May - September, Tuesday evenings, 6:30 PM

Amo: 1st, 3rd, & 5th Tuesdays each month (trailhead at 5041 Railroad St.)
Plainfield: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays each month (south end of parking lot at Richard A. Carlucci Recreation & Aquatic Center)

From Amo, we'll enjoy the countryside & small towns riding the paved Vandalia Trail to Coatesville (8 miles round trip, 16 miles two round trips) and occasionally part of the packed stone Vandalia Trail in Putnam County, depending on the group.

In Plainfield, we'll ride the paved Vandalia Trail and other connecting trails when more distance is desired. Round trip on the Vandalia Trail is 15 miles.

73rd Annual Amo Fish Fry

June 6-8, Thursday-Saturday

The 73rd annual Amo Fish Fry in support of the Amo Volunteer Fire Department will be held just a short distance north of the Vandalia Trail. Combine a visit to these festivities with a trip on the Amo-Greencastle Vandalia Trail. Also, stop by the Vandalia Trail booth in the vendor tent Friday evening or Saturday to catch up on trail plans.

12th Annual Coatesville Car Show

July 20, Saturday, 10 AM - 2 PM

The 12th annual Coatesville Car Show will be held just north of the Vandalia Trail. Combine a visit to these festivities with a trip on the Amo-Greencastle Vandalia Trail. We understand that this has become one of the bigger car shows in the state.

Summer Fun Run (Amo)

August 7, Wednesday, 4:30-6:30 PM, Amo Trailhead

Hosted by the Parks Foundation of Hendricks County, come join this installment of the Summer Fun Run Series. Sign up for the 14-week series at the link above to enjoy and support parks around the county.

NRHT, Inc. 2024 Bike Rides (Putnam County)

September 21, Saturday, 9:30 AM

Come join the annual NRHT, Inc. bike ride on Putnam Parks & Pathways' and Greencastle's People Pathways trails system (including the Vandalia Trail) now having the most miles of open trail along the NRHT corridor of any county. Meet at the People Pathways gazebo across from the Walmart Supercenter in Greencastle for a 9:30 departure. This year, the event will consist of 2 rides to span most of the width of Putnam County and a little into Hendricks County. The 31-mile main ride will feature the paved Campus Link Trail by Greencastle Parks & Recreation and the packed stone Vandalia Trail & Putnam Nature Trail Phase 1 by Putnam Parks & Pathways, plus a bit of paved road in Greencastle and the paved Amo-Coatesville Vandalia Trail by Hendricks County Parks & Recreation. A lunch stop will be available near the end at the annual Fillmore Volunteer Fire Department Chicken BBQ. The 13-mile additional ride will feature the rest of the packed stone Putnam Nature Trail and the rustic Hamrick Station Trail, plus a bit of paved county road between them. Afterwards, as usual, we’ll look to relax a bit at one of the many refreshment options in Greencastle. Some visitors might even consider an overnight stay.

Airport Loop & Recreational Bike Ride (Indy)

October 5, Saturday, 8:30 AM

Hosted for this 6th year by the White Lick Creek and Vandalia Trail Alliance, the Indianapolis International Airport, and National Road Heritage Trail, Inc., come join the fun biking 4, 10, or 20 miles on the perimeter roads of the Indianapolis International Airport in support of future development of these 2 trails on the west side of Indy, connecting to Plainfield's Vandalia Trail.

Scenic and flat routes of 4, 10, and 20 miles suitable for all riders and all speeds will be available along the North and West Perimeter Roads. One 10-mile full loop of the airport, including several hills and a required minimum riding speed with police escort, will be available for advanced riders.