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Jan '24 20th Anniversary of NRHT, Inc. Initiative

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January 2024
20th Anniversary of NRHT, Inc. Initiative

This year will mark the 20th anniversary of the cross-Indiana NRHT, Inc. initiative.  It began as a study and steering group incorporated on May 12, 2004, operating within the Indiana Trails Fund 501(c)3, to promote expansion of the 15 miles of trails open at that time (history) and later became an independent 501(c)3 focused on this objective.  The team of associated communities and volunteer groups has grown the system to 72 miles of open trails, plus 16 more miles preserved for future development.  The original trails were in Terre Haute, Greencastle-Fillmore (People Pathways), Plainfield, Indianapolis, and Greenfield.  Another key early support in 2004 that funded the important 9-volume NRHT Development Guide came from the State's Quality of Place Initiative (QPI).  The linked map shows the current trail system, having averaged about 3 new miles per year, with the longest continuous segment being 20 miles.