Equestrian Crossing - west bank Crittenden Creek
(Aug 5, 11 & 17-19, 2007)

Wes (Indiana Horse Council) drives to the creek (Aug 5)
driving to the creek

Shaping the west bank

Part of the crew takes a break

Trenching for the geotech

Trenched path from the top
trenched path

Trenched path from the creek
trenched path

Geotech installed

Yvette (Indiana Horse Council) and final crew relax on the fresh gravel
graveled path

Basic erosion control completed Aug 11 & 17-19 by Amy, Greg, Karen Hammersley, Barbara, Giuseppe, Bev & Joe. Gravel funded by our primary sponsor "The Efroymson Fund - A CICF Fund".
graveled path

Joe adds some flume to the exposed gravel (Aug 19)
adding flume