Aluminum Trail Signs - March 2014

Several groups of energetic volunteers performed a blitz on 3 miles of the Vandalia Trail March 29-31 installing 35 wooden sign posts and 63 aluminum signs from Amo to Coatesville. The 11 volunteers came from Amo, from near Coatesville and Clayton, and from farther away in Hendricks and Marion counties. They included horseback riders, cyclists, dog walkers, and hikers, and ranged from a local resident who walks the trail twice a day to a couple of first time visitors. Many thanks to VISIT HENDRICKS COUNTY for the primary funding of this project and to the Greenways Foundation for the additional financial help. Thanks also to the volunteer installers Darrell, Riley, Amy, Tim, Greg, Mike, Mike, Karen, Linda, Steve, and Roxanne. Combined with the 33 signs installed over the previous month and the last few installed in early April, this 100+ sign upgrade makes the trail more inviting to visitors and more aesthetic to local residents, plus it publicizes the trail's presence much more effectively to passers-by.

Next to Vine Street in Amo (click on photo to enlarge)
Vine Street

CR 675W crossing (click on photo to enlarge)
CR 675W

SR 75 crossing in Coatesville
SR 75

Railroad Street & Broadway Street in Coatesville (click on photo to enlarge)
RR St & Broadway

Amy & Riley near Crittenden Creek
Amy & Riley

Darrell by the treatment plant

Mike & Karen on equestrian trail
Mike & Karen

Mike, Steve, & Linda near Coatesville
Mike, Steve, & Linda

Mike, Roxanne, Steve, Mike, Linda, & Karen at equestrian turnoff near Coatesville
Mike, Roxanne, Steve, Mike, Linda, & Karen

Darrell & Mike in Coatesville
Darrell & Mike

Greg in Coatesville