June 2022

Hendricks County Parks to Build 2.6 Miles of Vandalia Trail from Clayton in 2024

[July 2023 Update: Expected construction costs have increased enough that additional funding is now needed to proceed. An increase to 2.6 miles in length as well as general inflation are the primary causes. As a result, Hendricks County Parks will apply this month for a Next Level Trails Round 4 grant to make up the difference. Grant awards are planned for December.]

[Early 2023 Update: Design work will be done in 2023. Construction is planned for 2024.]

On June 28, 2022, Ryan Lemley, Superintendent of Hendricks County Parks & Recreation announced plans to build the next 2 miles of Vandalia Trail. With support from the Hendricks County American Rescue Plan Act selection committee, Hendricks County Commissioners, and the Hendricks County Council, Ryan is happy to report that eastern expansion of the Vandalia Trail will soon begin. This section of asphalt trail will connect to Lambert Park in the Town of Clayton and continue west for approximately 2 miles. It is the goal of Hendricks County Parks & Recreation to start the planning process for this capital project in the coming months, with construction starting in spring/summer of next year.

The elected officials of the Town of Clayton have been and remain instrumental in achieving this goal and are commended for their continued support of bringing the benefits of the Vandalia Trail to their residents.

Note that this new trail section will mark the important milestone of all incorporated communities along the Vandalia Trail corridor in Hendricks County having direct access to part of the Vandalia Trail. In addition, this will also mark the accomplishment of all incorporated communities in Putnam, Hendricks, and Marion counties that are located along the cross-state National Road Heritage Trail initiative now having access to some part of that trail.