April 2014

Amo-Coatesville Trail Signage Upgraded

In March and April, volunteers installed over 100 new aluminum trail signs along the 3 miles of bicycle, pedestrian, and equestrian trails between Amo and Coatesville. This key upgrade from the original temporary signage was funded by VISIT HENDRICKS COUNTY and the Greenways Foundation as described in the grant announcements in 2013.

The new signs are much more visible, aesthetic, and durable than the previous versions, publicizing the trail's presence much more effectively and making it more inviting to visitors. They include large "Vandalia Trail" signs at the various entrances and main road crossings, trail user signs highlighting the separate paths for equestrians and bicyclists, and general rule and boundary signs. See the related photo page for examples of the signs and the groups of volunteers installing them.

Visit here for a follow up review by VISIT HENDRICKS COUNTY.