April 2013

Winter Repairs Completed on Amo-Coatesville Equestrian Trail

The repair of the equestrian trail's Crittenden Creek crossing was a success on April 6. With this and the earlier installation of a concrete culvert pipe in a stream east of Coatesville that had washed out in January, we have now re-opened the equestrian trail between Amo & Coatesville. Please note, though, that rainy conditions can cause the equestrian trail to become temporarily impassable from time to time, so please check on the Status page if the weather has been active.

When visiting Coatesville, please use one of the 2 hitch rails on either side of the center of town. One is just east of the picnic tables and the other is on the west side of Mill Street. Also, please cross through town on the gravel corridor between Milton Street & Mill Street. We're looking forward to seeing horses on the trail again.