April 2023

Plainfield Begins Construction of 2.3-Mile East Extension of Vandalia Trail

During the late winter of 2023, the town of Plainfield began construction of its next 2.3 miles of Vandalia Trail on the east side of town. Funding for this section was awarded in 2021. This section will complete Plainfield's 7.3-mile Vandalia Trail within the town's current borders, east to west.

The current activity is along the north side of US 40 and next to ADESA Auto Auction, including significant work to convert drainage ditches to trail by installing large drainage pipes and making connections to the 9-mile Ronald Reagan Parkway trail and shorter Klondike Road trail. Most of the remaining western section of this trail extension will be built as part of the Hobbs Station development that is well underway, as well. At the east end, this extension will connect with Plainfield's existing trailhead and trail section at Raceway Road. Additional future connections to Indianapolis are being promoted by White Lick Creek and Vandalia Trail Alliance, Inc..

(Construction photos)