August 2012

New Equestrian Trail Segment Opened in Amo - August 2012

Until now, pedestrians, bicyclists, and horseback riders have shared the same Vandalia Trail pathway within the town of Amo. With key construction projects completed in the past year between Amo and Coatesville and a marked increase in trail use this year, Friends of the Vandalia Trail decided that it was time to extend the separated equestrian path into the heart of Amo, using similar design techniques as on key parts of the rest of the equestrian trail. The Friends gratefully received approval from the town for use of the space and an offer from the Hendricks County Parks maintenance crew to help perform the construction. As a result, the Friends acquired the materials and coordinated with the Parks crew to launch construction on August 10. Enough progress was made that Friends of the Vandalia Trail formally opened the new separate path the following day.

Most of this new section is natural surface routed along the base of the elevated former railbed, though 4 short pieces will have packed stone at key features. Photos of the current status can be seen on the web site. Construction will continue in mid August and finishing touches will be added during the coming months, but the separate path is now usable and signed, so please begin taking advantage of the extra space that it provides all trail users. Please watch the web site for updates and opportunities to participate. For example, the design of this new section provides several opportunities for nice landscaping or decorative garden areas easily seen from South Street and from the trail. Adoption of any of these areas is greatly encouraged.