May 2014

Another Hendricks County Community Foundation Grant at Work

Last Fall, the Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund of the Hendricks County Community Foundation offered a new type of grant to help fund operating expenses for not-for-profit organizations in the county. The Vandalia Trail, through National Road Heritage Trail, Inc., took the opportunity to apply and was very grateful to be awarded in December a grant to fund the trail liability insurance for 2014 and to fund the herbicide needed to keep clean and usable the 1.75 miles of trail that has been upgraded to the smooth packed stone surface between Amo and the Putnam County line. This will also provide weed control for the newly landscaped areas in Amo, Coatesville, and by the treatment plant.

The herbicide has now been purchased and application will begin in May, with many thanks to the Hendricks County Parks maintenance crew who has agreed to do the bulk of the spraying with their special equipment. In past years, this work was performed piecemeal by volunteers on foot, so this should give a noticeable improvement in the uniformity of the trail quality.

Trail liability insurance is one aspect of trail management that trail users generally don't see, but is absolutely essential for operation of the facility. This Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund grant has also paid the Hendricks County portion of the Vandalia Trail's policy that has been generously offered at a very reasonable rate by the Indiana Trails Fund since the trail's inception. The grant has allowed other private donations to go directly towards trail upkeep and improvements rather than to the insurance.

While enjoying the trail this year, please remember the important part played by the Hendricks County Community Foundation.