September 2016

Amo-Coatesville Bike/Ped Trail Construction Work to Begin this Fall

The contractor that was chosen by Hendricks County Parks to pave the bike/ped trail from Amo to Coatesville and on to the Putnam County line in 2017 will begin the trail preparation work this Fall. During the period from early October into December, these preparations will require the bike/ped trail and the last 1000' of the equestrian trail leading up to SR 75 to be closed intermittently, while the Crittenden Creek bridge midway between Amo & Coatesville will be closed throughout. More details about when and how these closures will occur should be available once INDOT gives the official go-ahead approval, so we will continue to update the Status page on our web site with the latest information.

These early preparations will include reconstructing the Crittenden Creek bridge deck, cutting back some trees & brush, lowering the manhole covers, grading, and installing new base stone. We will keep you posted on the resulting temporary trail surface conditions. Please remember that, as always, bicycles are not allowed on the equestrian trail. An advantage of this trail section's connection to Putnam County's Vandalia Trail is that trail users will be able to continue using the 7 miles of trail in Putnam County throughout this process.

In the near future, we will have additional news on when the other features of the bike/ped trail upgrade will enter the construction phase. It will be a beautiful facility when completed next year.