November 2013

Center of Coatesville Transformed in 2013

Construction of Phase 1 of the 25-foot wide trail through the center of Coatesville continued this summer and Fall while still allowing improved access by trail users throughout the process. The generous grant from Duke Energy Foundation reported in May along with a $600 grant from the Indiana Trails Fund, private donations, and the town's contribution of labor and equipment have allowed completion of comprehensive storm drainage features, adjacent landscape grading, and installation of trail boundary posts. This section of the trail is now fully functional and is prepared for Phase 2 which will involve paving its southern half for bicycle and pedestrian use and connection east across the parking lot to Milton Street. Paving was not possible this year since two additional grant applications were not successful. As a result, some of the Phase 2 drainage work was moved into Phase 1.

The related photo page shows the 25-foot wide trail corridor now bordered on the south by cleaned up greenspace and on the north by a series of 6"x6" wooden posts, meandering across the center of town. It also shows some photos from before the transformation when the corridor and the area around it were an impromptu parking lot and uninviting storage area.

The northern half of the trail corridor now has its final trail surface of smooth packed stone, destined for use by horseback riders, but currently used by all trail users until the rougher packed stone along the south is topped with asphalt. Also shown is the primary storm drain installed under the trail and the surface swale and underground French drain constructed to direct run-off to it from the rest of the town's corridor.

Entrance posts and signs will be upgraded and several split-rail fence sections will be installed between the bike/pedestrian and equestrian trail surfaces after the bike/pedestrian trail is paved. Additional landscaping improvements are also planned along the south side of the trail.