October-November 2012

Coatesville Trail Updates - October-November 2012

Development of the new packed stone trail going west from Coatesville by volunteers and a private contractor with funding from the Hendricks County Community Foundation and the Central Indiana Bicycling Association Foundation had progressed enough by mid September to allow Hendricks County Parks & Recreation to install the attractive and effective entrance bollards on the west side of town. Many thanks to the Parks crew for also adding this feature by SR 75 on the east side of town at the same time.

At the end of October, a crew of managers from the Putnamville Correctional Facility generously gave their time and expertise to assemble and install the trail gates west of Coatesville at CR 875 E. People Pathways had purchased the lumber and the Correctional Facility folks designed and fabricated the gates at their site. With the trail surface close to completion in this area, this crew worked their magic to define the trail entrance.

Back in town, volunteers with the Friends of the Vandalia Trail completed on November 1st the move of the horse hitch rail to two more useful locations. One is now in the shaded area just west of Mill Street and the other is just east of the picnic area on the east side of town. Horseback riders are requested to tie up their horses in these convenient locations while they visit the food store, restaurants, shops, or just walk around the town center.

Click here for photos of these and more recent progress in Coatesville.