October 2023

Plainfield Opens 2.3-Mile East Extension of Vandalia Trail

In a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Hobbs Station development on October 17, the town of Plainfield opened its next 2.3 miles of Vandalia Trail to the east. Funded primarily by its Next Level Trails grant awarded by the State in 2021, this section completes the trail's 7.5-mile length across the full existing width of the town on the 20th anniversary of the opening of their first mile of Vandalia Trail. Attendees at the event included Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, Indiana US Senator Todd Young, Plainfield Town Manager Andrew Klinger, Plainfield Town Council President Robin Brandgard, and Indiana DNR Director Dan Bortner.

From the previous trailhead on Township Line Road, this extension runs along the south side of the new Hobbs Station development and the ADESA Auto Auction facility, then along the north side of US 40 to Plainfield's previous trailhead and short trail section at Raceway Road. Additional future trail connections with Indianapolis are being promoted by White Lick Creek and Vandalia Trail Alliance, Inc.. The new section includes significant work to convert drainage ditches along US 40 to trail by installing large drainage pipes and connects to the 9-mile long north-south Ronald Reagan Parkway trail to Avon and Brownsburg and to the B&O Trail.

This increases the total length of open Vandalia Trail to 19 miles, currently in two segments. The other segment includes 4 miles paved by Hendricks County Parks & Recreation in the western part of the county connected with 7.5 miles of mostly packed stone in Putnam County to Greencastle.

(Facebook post and photos)