June 2013

VISIT HENDRICKS COUNTY Provides Grant to Upgrade Trail Signage Between Amo & Coatesville

Visit Hendricks County
On June 3, Visit Hendricks County provided to the Vandalia Trail project a $1,700 grant to enhance the trail's visibility and appeal to new visitors by helping to upgrade the trail signage. This will allow the Friends of the Vandalia Trail and National Road Heritage Trail, Inc to acquire and install professional aluminum signage on wood posts to replace the current temporary laminated signage on steel fence posts along the trail from Amo to Coatesville. The trail organizers are very enthusiastic about this long needed upgrade and greatly appreciate the partnership with Visit Hendricks County to accomplish it this year. The new permanent signs will greatly improve the image of the trail, will improve understanding of the key features of the trail, and will eliminate the on-going maintenance of the temporary signage.

Visit Hendricks County works to enhance and publicize Hendricks County as a tourist destination, particularly supporting projects and events that encourage overnight visits from outside the county. For travel information, call 1-800-321-9666 or visit TourHendricksCounty.com.

As a 1:1 matching grant, this award has inspired an additional $700 grant from the Greenways Foundation and $1,000 in private donations to complete the project. The Greenways Foundation is a not-for-profit organization promoting and facilitating trail development throughout Indiana. The Greenways Foundation also provides the web space for the web sites of the Vandalia Trail and National Road Heritage Trail, Inc.

This summer and Fall, Friends of the Vandalia Trail will refine the trail signage design and place the order with a professional sign company. The sign graphics will be based on the current design. Installation will be done by volunteers.