April 2005

Group Works to Clear a Trail

(Excerpt from The Indianapolis Star)
April 22, 2005 - Hendricks County
By Stuart A. Hirsch stuart.hirsch@indystar.com

- Local efforts are part of a broader project to build a 150-mile east-west path across state.

With the sound of his chainsaw splitting the cool morning air, Reid Haney expertly makes quick work of a small evergreen tree encroaching on the Vandalia Trail between Amo and Coatesville.

Meanwhile, seven other people clear debris, prune tree branches and block paths in the shoulder of the rail bed to prevent four-wheelers from making more ruts along the milelong section of abandoned rail corridor.

During the past month, volunteers have been clearing, mapping and scouting a new section of trail for what eventually will be a 150-mile cross-state National Road Heritage Trail along the former Pennsylvania/Vandalia rail corridor.