April 2009

Horse Trailer Parking Opens in Coatesville - April 2009

On April 18, volunteers with Red Hats & Purple Chaps and with the Vandalia Trail installed a 16-foot long horse hitch rail on the west side of Coatesville, marking the official opening of the town's horse trailer parking for the trail. The Vandalia Trail now has rustic horse trailer parking areas at both ends, in Amo and in Coatesville, with hitch rails provided at both. A third hitch rail has also been installed near the trail's midpoint in the park-like setting just west of the Crittenden Creek crossing.

Many thanks are due to several organizations and individuals for this recent addition to the trail facility. The Town cleared and made available this 100-foot by 30-foot graveled and shaded section of their property for the horse trailer parking. Carole & Jim Layman sponsored the hitch rail supplies in memory of Jim's grandfather who was born in Coatesville. Dan Hart of nearby Easy Gait Farm drilled the post holes with his tractor-powered auger, and Red Hats & Purple Chaps volunteers, Karen Humphreys, Sharon Capper, Lynn Voigte, Carole Layman, and Dan Hart along with Greg Midgley delivered the supplies, installed the hitch rail, and cleaned up debris from the parking area (See photos). The design is the same as the other hitch rail that Karen Humphreys had organized near Crittenden Creek (See photos).

This parking area is located 2 blocks west and 1 block south of the main 4-way stop intersection in town. Visit the Maps page of this web site for a high level map showing this location. Traveling south on Mill Street from Main Street, the parking area is on the left behind the lone grain silo. The Vandalia Trail then goes east from this location, initially sharing the gravel driveway through the center of town to reach the dedicated trail just east of Milton Street and the town's flagpole. Work will soon begin on the trail going west from this location towards the town of Fillmore.