January 2017

Amo-Coatesville Bike/Ped Trail Construction Progressing Well

Much progress was made at the end of 2016 on Hendricks County Parks' Vandalia Trail upgrade construction between Amo and the Putnam County line in preparation for the bike/ped trail paving in 2017. Brush and trees were cleared back further from the bike/ped trail surface along the entire route, concrete entrance pads were installed at most of the street/road intersections, part of the 60' long Crittenden Creek bridge reconstruction work was accomplished and the creek banks at its base reinforced with rip rap, much initial grading and construction has been done for the new trail route around the north side of the Amo-Coatesville treatment plant, and additional near-final grading was done for paving in Coatesville. The basic plan is to begin the actual paving this summer at the west end and work east to Amo.

The work is now on break for the winter, though some minor construction work may be performed before Spring, as weather allows. Trail access is still limited because the bridge and equestrian crossings of Crittenden Creek, midway between Amo & Coatesville, are not completed, so are closed.

Please observe the construction warning signs and avoid disturbing the work areas. Updates will continue to be posted on the Status page of www.nrht.org/vandalia and on the Vandalia Trail Facebook page.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

For more background on the overall Vandalia Trail in Hendricks County, see the linked Hendricks County Parks Vandalia Trail upgrade article.