July 2004

Proposed Trail Will Cross Through Local Towns

(excerpt from Hendricks County Flyer; July 8, 2004)

By Amber Riggin - Staff Writer

DANVILLE -- Plans are underway for local segments of the proposed National Road Heritage Trail.

Greg Midgley, a representative of the non-profit organization, said the trail would stretch across central Indiana upon completion. He said the trail would link with individual trails stretching from Terre Haute to Richmond, crossing through Indianapolis.

"We envision this as an association of existing trails," Midgley said.

The local portion of the trail, the Vandalia Trail, would stretch from Greencastle through Plainfield, mostly following U.S. 40. The proposed portion would connect with the existing Vandalia Rail Trail in Plainfield. [NRHT correction: The route would mostly follow the former Vandalia Railroad corridor.]

Midgley met Tuesday with the Hendricks County Commissioners seeking endorsement. He said he did not request any type of monetary sponsorship for the proposed trail, but needed the backing of the county government before going forward with plans to speak with sponsors and apply for grants.

The area would be open to horseback riding, as well as walking and running, Midgley said, and would not only serve aesthetic and recreational purposes, but could be a viable method of alternative transportation in the area.

Commissioners Linda Palmer-Ryser and Sonya Cleveland voted in support of the trail.

Palmer-Ryser said she thoroughly enjoys the existing Plainfield trail and that many residents have told her the trail provides convenient recreation.

Cleveland said she believes that a trail system is beneficial to small communities.