July-October 2011

Bike/Ped Trail Upgrade at CR 675 W & Equestrian Culverts Completed - July-Oct 2011

The bike/pedestrian trail surface and drainage upgrade next to CR 675 W and installation of the rest of the equestrian trail culverts between Amo and Coatesville are now complete. These improvements were made possible by a grant from the Hendricks County Community Foundation (HCCF), a grant from the Central Indiana Bicycling Association (CIBA) Foundation, and much assistance from volunteers and Hendricks County Parks & Recreation.

Trail Upgrade at CR 675 W

The first 300 yards of trail west of CR 675 W which had been prone to flooding due to past excavation of its former railroad bed has now been raised, graded, and topped off with a hard-packed, smooth gravel surface. This work began during the Fall of 2010 and was completed in the Fall of 2011, resulting in an improved trail surface that will eventually be expanded to the rest of the Vandalia Trail. Click here to see photos of this area before and after the upgrade.

Equestrian Culverts

Construction of the second equestrian culvert on the Amo mile, begun in September 2010, was completed in November 2010 and has kept many equestrians out of the water and mud since then. Volunteers then turned their efforts to adding the two equestrian culverts needed along the Coatesville mile. Begun in the Fall of 2010, these two culverts were completed during the summer of 2011 as shown in the photos linked here. Culverts are now in place across all of the streams along the equestrian trail between Amo and Coatesville.