May 2011

Cascade High School Track Team Spring Cleans - May 14, 2011

On Saturday, May 14th, 15 members of the Cascade High School track team and 2 faculty advisors continued where the Cascade High School Octagon Club left off last Fall by volunteering for some serious Spring clean-up on the Vandalia Trail. Focusing on the developed trail area between Crittenden Creek and the treatment plant, this energetic and athletic group made quick work of removing invasive plants, hauling away old railroad hardware from the picnic area, and hauling gravel to repair the trail surface and equestrian creek crossing. No strangers to distances, many also ventured down the trail armed with limb-loppers and saws and cut back the early growth to ease the way for trail users.

Many thanks to this enthusiastic group for making this area of the trail more aesthetic and easier to maintain this summer, plus for allowing horseback riders to again cross Crittenden Creek after the impact of the swollen waters of this Spring.