November 2011

Vandalia Trail Upgrades in Putnam County - Nov 2011

In 2011, the People Pathways organization has continued to expand and upgrade the Vandalia Trail in Putnam County. In particular, the 1.25-mile trail section about a half mile west of Coatesville from CR 750 E to CR 875 E is now signed and open to hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders as shown in these linked photos. Note that hikers and bicyclists use the packed stone trail and horseback riders use the natural surface trail just to the south. Also shown in the photos is the new trail shelter at the Fillmore trailhead of People Pathways' Vandalia Trail at the west edge of Fillmore.

The gates at either end of this newly opened trail section were constructed by Putnamville Correctional Facility from materials donated by Pingleton Sawmill and were installed by volunteers on January 8th (the coldest day of the winter!). During this summer and fall, volunteers cut back brush and low branches to clear the natural surface equestrian trail along the south side of the packed stone bike/pedestrian trail.

The new Fillmore Trailhead shelter, located at the east end of the People Pathways Greencastle/Fillmore Trail, was built through a community-wide partnership effort. The shelter was partially funded by a United Way of Putnam County, Inc. Impact Grant awarded to People Pathways. Aiding the Grant were generous contributions from Cash Concrete, Pike Lumber, Liberty Industries, Summit Builders, and Black Lumber Company. Shelter Project Planning Coordinator Lee Stewart recruited an outstanding crew of Fillmore volunteers, Jerry Long, Meridith Trusty, Mike Goodpaster, John Glaze, and Alan Jones who gave their time and talent to construct the shelter.

People Pathways has also made significant progress in constructing the next 1.25-mile trail section from the east edge of Fillmore at CR 625 E to CR 750 E. In this section, the bike/pedestrian trail has been graded on new terrain and the initial crushed stone has been spread. However, since the stone is not yet packed and the horse trail is not yet prepared, this section is closed until that work can be accomplished. Use at this time would damage the preliminary materials that have been installed. Thanks for your cooperation and patience.