October 2010

Notable Progress on Trail Upgrades & Maintenance in Sep/Oct - October 24, 2010

During September and October, three significant trail projects have been undertaken by the Cascade High School Octagon Club, equestrian volunteers, and professionally contracted by Friends of the Vandalia Trail.

Cascade H.S. Octagon Club
On September 26th, 9 members, and again on October 16th, 13 members of Cascade High School's Octagon Club descended on the Vandalia Trail and left it in much better shape than they found it. These groups of motivated and energetic students stained the trail's 4-year old retaining wall by the treatment plant and the 4-year old trail bridge over Crittenden Creek, hauled and placed gravel on the equestrian crossing of Crittenden Creek and the horse hitching rail area, and cleared much overgrown brush from the sides of the trail in these areas. Click here to see photos of their accomplishments.

Second Equestrian Trail Culvert on Amo Mile
Construction of a second culvert on the Amo mile of the equestrian trail a little more than a half mile from town is now well underway, thanks to Jamie Cardiff's very generous volunteering of time and equipment, a group of equestrian volunteers, and a grant from the Hendricks County Community Foundation (HCCF). This small stream valley has been one of the more difficult areas to pass after periods of wet weather, so on September 15, volunteers placed 2 large pipes in the stream, installed geotexile fabric previously donated by Hendricks County Parks & Recreation, and prepared the trail on both sides for Jamie Cardiff to haul in tons of gravel acquired with the HCCF grant. Click here to see photos of this project.

Trail Grade Restoration by CR 675 W
The HCCF grant has also allowed Friends of the Vandalia Trail to professionally contract restoration of the 300-yard long section of bicycle/hiking trail just west of the CR 675 W crossing. The gravel and fill dirt in the former railbed in this area had been excavated years ago, resulting in 150 yards of the trail in this area being at the level of the drainage ditches on both sides, making it unusable during wet periods. The first phase of this project is now complete with 17 dump truck loads of fill dirt brought in to raise the surface 2 feet through much of this area, then placing the initial layer of rough gravel. Hendricks County Parks & Recreation trail maintenance crew also helped by clearing a large stand of heavy brush that had overtaken an area needing fill and to be reclaimed as part of the drainage ditch. Because this site is close to the county road crossing, gravel has also been added all the way to the road. This will make a more durable entrance for maintenance and emergency vehicles. Click here to see photos of this project.